Welcome to Cross-Culture Bible study and small group curriculum. This material is being offered to you free through a grant from Gateway Board, Missouri United Methodist Foundation, Costner-Fulton Foundation, and the cooperative parish of Morning Star Church and The Word at Shaw in St. Louis, Missouri.

The goal of this study is to help participants understand the value of Crossing Cultures and building relationships outside their own congregations and backgrounds.

Facilitator's notes: This four week study has both video and discussion components. Your role is to go through the curriculum and decide how these elements will best work for your small group. For your convenience we have given you a breakdown of how to weave the videos into the hour long study. Each page of this site represents a different session. Simply log on to the site prior to your group arriving and go to the page you are facilitating that night, prepare your screen to view the video and review the Bible verses and discussion questions. If you'd prefer, a PDF version of each session is also available so that you can provide each participant with their own study guide.